The Story of the White Bear

The Story of the White Bear

Lisätty: 16 Heinäkuu 2013

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Kuvaus: The polar bear cub searches his fellow bears on the shore, because of melting ice. Oil on canvas, 100 x 200 cm, -2012. The brown bears are painted from the photographs by Hannu Huttu. The polar bear is painted from a photograph by an unknown photographer.

(kansiossa: Luonto / Nature)

Avainsanoja: bear, polar bear, landscape, sea, ice, climate change, fantasy, representational,

 Climate Change

Climate Change

Lisätty: 13 Marraskuu 2019

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Kuvaus: "CLIMATE CHANGE", oil on canvas, 102 x 102, 2007 Pohjolan emäntä katselee huolestuneena lumien sulamista.

(kansiossa: Figuurit / Figures)

Avainsanoja: climate change, landscape, woman, figurative, winter, snow, water, river, ice, fantasy,